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About Us

Hiland Protein’s mission is to service and supply Scotland with high-quality sports supplements quickly and efficiently. Operating from an optimum position in the Highlands.

Our range of top quality sports supplements includes whey protein, creatine, and pre-workout formulas, all sourced directly from the world renowned Müller dairy based in Germany, the leading manufacturer of whey protein in the world, meaning we can guarantee the very best whey protein on the market today.

Why Choose Hiland Protein? 

In competitive sports, the need for an edge over the competition is crucial. As protein has been scientifically proven to help build muscle size and strength, it's a very popular sports nutrition product that offers a host of benefits ranging from fighting cancer to improving the immune system. But to maximise the benefits, it must be used daily and in large quantities. 

For a Highland Games competitor, the recommended minimum daily protein intake is 2g/kg of bodyweight. And since Highland Games competitors tend to be in the 90kg+ range; that means over 180g of protein daily!

While it's possible to get your entire daily protein intake entirely from whole food sources, this can be very expensive. And if you live in Scotland or the Highlands, delivery is costly and can take up to 8 days. And that is why Hiland Protein was founded.

Offering quick delivery to the whole of Scotland, excellent customer service and a range of top quality supplements and training products, Hiland Protein aims to be the protein supplier of choice for the sportsmen of Scotland.

We are as proud of our products, as we are of our Scottish heritage, which means you won’t find any nasty GMO’s or cheap bulking powders in our blends- just high quality, ethically sourced protein from free-range, grass-fed cows.

Hiland Protein: Quick Delivery, Quicker Results