Benefits Of Protein For Weight Loss

Protein is considered as one of the most important nutrients for losing weight as well as for getting a better-looking body. With the high protein intake, it is actually possible to reduce appetite, boost metabolism and change a few weight-regulating hormones. Therefore, protein is beneficial in losing both belly fat and weight and this mainly works through different mechanisms.

This way, going on the high-protein diet can help one to tame his/her hunger and this can help one to lose weight. So, you can start it by adding some extra protein to the meals. Besides, you can also give yourself a week of time to gradually boost the protein. But keep in mind the thing that calories also count. So, you have to make some good choices while choosing the proteins. For instance, in case you think of adding loads of protein to the diet, then you should check with your health physician first.

What protein can actually do?

The moment you finish consuming protein, it starts to winnow your waistline. High protein food items actually take more time to metabolize, digest and use and this means you have to burn more calories to process the protein. Besides, they also take a really long time to leave the stomach and therefore you will feel full really soon and for a really long time. This cumulative effect has actually some obvious benefits for people, who are watching your weight.

And in case like most of the successful dieters, you are burning calories and counting those, protein is undoubtedly important for ensuring that you lose fat and not muscle. Your body mainly uses the amino acids in the protein to develop lean muscle. This thing doesn’t only makes your body more toned and stronger, but also burns calories when you are not active at all unlike the lazy fat. Ultimately this thing keeps your metabolism level humming along at a really high speed so that you can successfully burn off the cookie occasionally without any problem.

How much protein is required?

The requirement of protein mainly differs according to gender, age, state of health and weight of the consumer. For example The majority of the adults need around 3 serves of protein every day, which is similar to 2 eggs, 65 grams of cooked lean meat, ½ cup of seeds or nuts or 1 cup of milk. Consuming enough protein is needed for the function, structure, and regulation of the cells of one’s body including skin, muscles, nails, hair, enzymes, antibodies and hormones.

While there are numerous benefits of maintaining a protein-rich diet for losing weight, but too much protein can actually have some opposite effects. But there are people, who consume more protein than needed and this is stored in the body as fat instead of protein. Some of the worries of consuming a high protein diet include:

  1. This encourages to consume food items, which are high in saturated fat and therefore increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancers
  2. This also puts some unnecessary stain on the liver and kidneys and prompts some extreme loss of calcium that may enhance the risk of osteoporosis.
  3. Due to the lack of fiber, constipations, some types of cancers and bowl disorders take place

So, select the protein wisely:

Protein is mostly obtainable from various sources: animal-based like dairy and low-fat dairy, skinless meat, lean cuts of red meat and eggs and plant-based: nuts, beans, soy, grains, and legumes. While it comes to selecting protein-rich food items, you must pay attention to the things that come along with the protein. On the other hand, the vegetable sources of protein offer healthy vitamins, fiber, and minerals. At the same time, full-fat dairy, processed meat like sausage, ham, bacon and fast food containing saturated fat must be limited.

Apart from that, you can also try the healthy fats like:

  1. Olives
  2. Seeds
  3. Nuts and natural style nut butter
  4. Avocados
  5. Fish
  6. Canola oil and extra virgin olive oil

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