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Benefits Of Protein For Weight Loss

Protein is considered as one of the most important nutrients for losing weight as well as for getting a better-looking body. With the high protein intake, it is actually possible to reduce appetite, boost metabolism and change a few weight-regulating hormones. Therefore, protein is beneficial in losing both belly fat and weight and this mainly …

November 06, 2017
6 Reasons Protein Should Be Part Of Your Daily Routine

Did you know that whey protein not only gives you increased size and strength, it also protects you from cancer? Read on for 6 reasons as to why protein should be a part of your daily healthy living routine. Increase muscle strength and size Fast-digesting protein like whey is optimal post-workout as it can help improve your …

January 08, 2017
Carbs are Not the Enemy… Right?

Obesity is a huge problem facing the world today and it is becoming even more of an issue. Over the past few years, obesity rates in the UK have rocketed to the highest in Europe with an estimated 20% of the UK population suffering form the disease. For those that obesity directly affects, it is …

December 19, 2016