User Review: Highland Protein Weight Gainer

I’m now into my third week of using the weight gainer protein.
As i’m extremely busy working away offshore everyday, the weight gainer is perfect for giving me a boost during the day and for using in between meals to keep me full.
My job is very labour intensive and so I burn a lot of calories throughout the day, (without even doing a workout!) but through using Highland Protein’s weight gainer, I’ve still managed to put on 1.5kgs by having 2 shakes a day- one in the afternoon and one after every workout.
My personal choice is to have it with water because there’s enough calories in the protein already without adding milk. All-in-all, a good solid weight gainer protein with plenty of protein, carbs and calories per serving. I haven’t experienced any bloating after a shake and I’ve seen a definite increase in strength and weight .

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  1. I am another person, who have really benefitted from Hiland Protein. This is a great product and it has helped me to deal with protein deficiency. I have been using this product for a month and I am really satisfied with the result. A big thank you to Hiland Protein and its makers.

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